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Terrae Oleum Pure Essential Oil Guarantee

Terrae Oleum Pure Essential Oil Guarantee — what does it do for you?

We know you want pure oils.  We get that.  We feel the same way!

Terrae Oleum Pure Essential Oil GuaranteeWith the fear of fraudulent oils out there, we’re in the same boat for oils that we don’t currently stock or are out of.  No one company has every oil . . . and yes, we do purchase oils to use in our homes that we don’t carry.  We look high and low to find reputable retailers to purchase those oils.  It’s always a bit scary if you’ve paid any attention to some of the oil testing communities.  Finding huge masses of people who’ve been duped into buying adulterated oils can make anyone wonder.

So, we offer the Terrae Oleum Pure Essential Oil Guarantee!

Have any Terrae Oleum pure essential oil tested with Essential Oil University.  If it is found to be impure, have Essential Oil University send the report directly to us and Terrae Oleum will refund your money for the oil and the money spent on testing!

Reports may be sent to