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Kid Friendly Diluted Frankincense Essential Oil (Carterii) 2%


Name Kid Friendly Diluted Frankincense Essential Oil 2%
Species Boswellia carterii
Part Resin Tears
Extraction Steam Distilled
Aroma Fresh, spicy and balsamic with a citrus splash


Product Description

Kid Friendly Diluted Frankincense Essential Oil for Topical Use

Name Kid Friendly Diluted Frankincense Essential Oil 2%
Batch 22946
Species Boswellia carterii
Part Resin Tears
Extraction Steam Distilled
Source Somalia
Color Light Yellow
Consistency Thin
Note Base
Aroma Fresh, spicy and balsamic with a citrus splash

We purchase only pure essential oils.  All of our oils have been tested through GC-MS analysis Frankincense 22946

This particular Kid Friendly Diluted Frankincense Essential Oil is a special distillation that we got lucky to have in our stock.  The resin was collected in Somalia and brought to the United States, where it was distilled into a beautiful essential oil.  We’re proud to be able to offer it.

There have been arguments over the years about the many frankincense plants and the oils produced.  At the time Tisserand and Young wrote the section on these, the general consensus was that Boswellia carterii and Boswellia Sacra are the same plant.  Recently, Dr. Pappas wrote a very informative piece on the varieties of frankincense, which can be seen on his Essential Oil University Facebook page. Since Tisserand and Young have listed the two names as synonyms, we originally bowed to their expertise in the field and listed this oil as both.  However, according to Dr. Pappas, it’s α-pinene content of 49.78% falls in the carterii range.  Due to this, we’ve chosen to simply classify it as carterii.

When I started using oils, I was told “When in doubt, use frankincense.”  I’ve learned a ton since those days, but frankincense is still a love of mine.  It helps to center my moods, and give me a balance.  I use it along with other protective oils when I need an immunity boost.  It’s part of my routine for respiratory support.  And, last but not least . . . I use it with my skin care.  I love how my complexion glows since I’ve begun using frankincense essential oil.  I most enjoy how frankincense, geranium, and helichrysum work together (I use them in a jojoba/rosehip mixture) to minimize the appearance of wrinkles.

Kid Friendly Diluted Frankincense Essential Oil may not be the oil for everything . . . but it’s high on that list!

This Kid Friendly Diluted Frankincense Essential Oil is a 2% dilution. Do not apply more than 5mL in a single day in order to stay within safe guidelines. An explanation of dilution formulas is found below. Carrier choices are fractionated coconut oil (FCO) or jojoba. FCO, which has no scent, is lighter but is not a “natural oil” due to the process it goes through — however, it’s best for damaged skin because that process also destroys any bacteria. Jojoba is more moisturizing and a natural oil that my skin loves. Jojoba also contains a natural antioxidant (you will notice in many of our safety statements that antioxidants are recommended for certain oils), so it will help the shelf life of oils that should have an antioxidant added to preparations. Jojoba does have a scent, so oils diluted in it will have a slightly different aroma than those diluted in FCO.

Our diluted oils are blended when ordered, assuring that you have no chance of getting old, oxidized oils in your blend.

Kid Friendly Diluted Frankincense Essential Oil Safety Info

Tisserand and Young note that frankincense essential oil’s high content of α-pinene, (+)-limonene and/or δ-3-carene it should be stored in a dark, airtight container in a refrigerator to prevent oxidation. They also recommend that an antioxidant be added to preparations containing this oil. ~ Source:  Tisserand, Robert and Young, Rodney. Essential Oil Safety: A Guide for Health Care Professionals: Churchill Livingstone; 2 edition (December 2, 2013). AZW3 file.  Reading the full profile for Kid Friendly Diluted Frankincense Essential Oil is highly recommended by your Terrae Oleum staff.


***Note that, for oils that are not sensitizers, Tisserand and Young’s max dilution can be figured as 30/Carrier mL*Max dilution.  This is because it’s a max dilution for a single application.  Our dilutions are figured at these rates and assuming that you will be using just a few swipes at a time, not an entire container.  They’re figured so that you could apply 5mL in a single day and be in the safe range for dermal limits.  Even though the dilution strength says something a little higher than what you see in his recommendations, you are using a safe dilution in our pre-diluted oils.***


This dilution strength is for children from 2 – 15 years and elderly people.  If you choose to use this with a younger child it should be diluted even more.  We suggest that you purchase our age appropriate pre-diluted oils for babies instead.


While we’ve made this clear that we are selling this essential oil to use topically, it does have pure essential oil in it and normal safety should be followed:


  • Never use them in eyes or mucus membranes (this includes mouth, ear canals, noses, genital regions as well as internal areas).  Even diluted, the strength of essential oils can easily damage these soft tissue areas.
  • Do not take internally unless working with a qualified and expert practitioner.
  • Oils diluted for children should be applied by adults.
  • If applying an essential oil to your skin always perform a small patch test to an insensitive part of the body (after you have properly diluted the oil in an appropriate carrier).
  • Do not use diluted oils in a diffuser.  You will ruin your diffuser!



For educational purposes only. These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

Oral Safety is only given because many people have been told to take oils internally.  Because several people look to us for safety advice, we feel obligated to offer those safety statements, although we do not believe anyone should be ingesting essential oils without being guided by an expert.  Experts will take your medical history into account before they suggest oils for you to ingest, diffuse, or use topically.

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