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About Terrae Oleum

We Are Terrae Oleum

Terrae Oleum is your essential oil company with a focus on safety.  This focus includes sourcing pure, tested essential oils that you can trust to have the therapeutic benefits for the oil you choose.  It includes making you aware of contraindications for each oil (look at the safety info on any product page).  Terrae Oleum’s safety focus includes offering pre-diluted oils that you can use topically, knowing that we’ve researched deeply.  We know that you can dilute your own oils and have no problem with that.  We also know it’s just easier to buy a pre-diluted roller bottle and not have to worry about whether its dilution has been researched for safety.  We know that you don’t automatically know which oils are safe for babies, children, and elderly people and you don’t necessarily know the correct dilutions for each age group.  Our safe use focus has resulted in a number of categories for different age groups as well as a safe-dilutions guide for you to use.  This focus will result in more and more articles on safe use for your reference.

Terrae Oleum?

Terra [tĕr′ē], in Latin, has a number of meanings:  ground, earth, soil, earth’s surface, the world, a land or region.  Terrae is the plural of terra.  We chose this word in our name because we have oils from regions around the world.  Our oils are sourced in the areas that they grow indigently — meaning that the plants naturally grow there.  The soil is right, the light is right, and the rainfall is right; the oils from plants in this atmosphere are higher quality than those from plants which have been forced to grow in unnatural areas.

Oleum [oh-lee-uh m], in Latin, has a literal translation of “oil.”  We probably don’t need to explain why we would choose oleum in our name.

Together, our name literally translates to “regions oil”.  Not quite as exotic as it may have seemed when you first saw our name . . . but we like the ancient and global implications.

For many years, people relied on plants’ medicinal qualities to help them in a variety of ways . . . from relaxation to illness.  Upset tummy?  Itchy skin? Even the Bible mentions various plants that were most likely used in an infused oil (crushed plants put in oil and allowed to sit become infused oils).  The idea of plants giving man a better existence is neither new, nor quackery.  Quackery comes in when people make false promises about such things.  If we were to tell you that our oils cure every illness, it would be quackery.  You won’t hear that from us.  We do believe that the quality of your life can be greatly enhanced by essential oils — based on our own experience as well as that of others.

At Terrae Oleum, Our Focus is Safety

There is a ton of bad information about how to use pure essential oils out there.  Not only on the web, but in many books that are available today.  You don’t have to prove your worth to write a book.  Some companies have people high up the line who’ve written eBooks as well as printed materials that are full of bad info when it comes to safety.  We have one of those sitting on a bookshelf right now — a gorgeous hardback book that’s well-written, but full of scary stuff.  It’s our reminder to always check and re-check our sources, see what the most respected experts are saying, and if we are still not sure, contact the experts directly to gain their insight on a subject.

You will never hear Terrae Oleum regurgitate information that we haven’t made doubly sure is safe.  We expect the same integrity of any affiliates we may have, and yes, we do have a few hand-picked Terrae Oleum Affiliates (not multi-level marketers — we have no signups, no uplines, no downlines – you pay the same price, whether an affiliate suggested us to you or not).

Due to the Terrae Oleum focus on safety, you will not find this website recommending internal use of oils.  There are simply too many factors that you need to understand before you take essential oils internally.  Some are contraindicated for use in people that have certain health conditions, some are simply dangerous if taken internally.  Some are not okay for people under certain ages.  Too many factors for us to make blanket statements . . .

Terrae Oleum’s Pure Essential Oils

At Terrae Oleum, we only purchase 100% pure essential oils.  These oils are double tested.  The first test is on the sample that is sent from the distiller.  If that sample passes organoleptic testing (smell test by a highly trained nose), it is tested for purity through GC-MS (Gas Chromatography, Mass Spectrometry), specific gravity, refractive index, and optical rotation.  If it passes these tests for purity and has constituent levels that are within acceptable ranges — for therapeutic reasons — it gets ordered.  Once the bulk oil arrives, it is put through the same set of tests to be sure that they’ve sent the same oil sampled.  You are assured that your oils are pure because we require that assurance for ourselves.  On each single oil page, you will find a GC-MS report to go with the oil on that page.  You’ll find a link to that report at the end of the first line in the description on every single oil page.  It has the oil’s name and current batch number.  These links open a pdf file with the full GC-MS report.

Not sure what to do with those?  We suggest that you compare the constituents with the ranges in Tisserand’s Essential Oil Safety:  A Guide for Healthcare Professionals (2013).  A second comparison would be the Essential Oil Database, where you can view results from actual regional reports.  Need a CAS number to find it easier in the database?  Contact us and we’ll be glad to supply it.  Keep in mind that EOU’s database may have many reports for the same CAS number.  Don’t just look at one and assume the constituents in all reports will be the same.  They won’t.  You will find one that comes very close to our levels, though.  It’s one of our checks when we buy oils.


Terrae Oleum GC-MS Reports

Terrae Oleum GC-MS Reports


A note on organic oils:  while Terrae Oleum does everything in our power to source pure, organically grown oils, we are not certified as a USDA Certified Organic facility.  Oils come in to us as certified, but lose that as soon as we open them.  Without this certification, it is illegal for us to label or market products as “organic.”  Yes.  We realize that some companies do that without certification . . . but we don’t have to pay their fines.  We choose to stay within the law, which means that we will not be able to market the organic oils we purchase as such.  If you are someone who creates products that require oils and you are certified, we suggest that you purchase from a certified retailer like Oshadhi.  Once we break the seal on a certified organic product, it loses its certification because we do not have one.  At this time, we have no plans to invest in the fees or the paperwork hassles that are required to become certified.  Those fees would only be passed onto customers and we prefer to keep our prices as reasonable as possible.  Thanks for understanding this!

How to Use the Terrae Oleum Tag Cloud

Terrae Oleum Essential Oil Tag Cloud


Many times, customers don’t know what oils might address their therapeutic needs.  Because of this, we’ve got our nifty little tag cloud.  Need an oil that will uplift you?  Click on “Uplifting” in our tag cloud.  Need an oil your hubby might enjoy?  Click “Men Preferred” in our tag cloud.  Clicking any word in our tag cloud will bring up the oils that fit that need.

Terrae Oleum Essential Oil Tags on Product Pages


If you’re already looking at a product, you can easily see the needs it addresses by looking at the tags for that oil.  This makes it easier for you to know all of the ways you might use an oil that you’re considering.  Still not sure?  Contact us and we’ll help you choose and tell you the best way for you to use the oils to meet your need.

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